Exercise Physiology

We aspire to support people wishing to reach a healthy lifestyle through movement. Our primary focus is to deliver a safe, positive, and personal environment for all patients so that they enjoy the journey to achieving their health-related goals.

The facility is devoted to leading to exceptional care for the patient. We network with a multi-disciplinary team of allied health professionals, delivering the best health outcomes for our patients including:

  • Health and wellbeing assessments
  • Personal rehabilitation and exercise sessions
  • Group training workshops
  • Diabetes management
  • Mental health related programs
  • Osteoporosis management
  • Cancer care plans
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Our Wellness facilities provide you with the personal care and support required to move effectively with positive outcomes.

Thanks team.  Needed the pep up today.  Thanks for all of your help so far and for the chat yesterday.  The exercises are challenging but I am committed to working together in helping me to a better place and moving without pain


Erin 33

Our team of allied health professionals and fitness partners work collaboratively so that your health and Wellbeing are achieved via training programs and through our sound knowledge of biomechanics, we empower our clients in developing the confidence to understand how their body works in a functional capacity.

Many thanks, we are very lucky to have found such a beautiful family and team, you have made our children welcomed and very happy. Thank you all


Lan Tang

Exercise Physiology Sessions

By Appointment Only

Sam Beard

Exercise Physiologist



Gibbson Maglonzo

Exercise Sports Scientist