Aged Care Health Services

Aged Community Engagement with Management

Onsite Assessment with Allied Health Professionals

Movement Session Planning with Fitness Partner

Weekly Session Delivery

Review and Further Assessment

Aged Care Health Services

Fitness Embassy’s home-based health care program is in response to extensive planning and consultation with aged care support services organisations and their clients.
The outcome is weekly cost-effective safe movement programs with our multi-disciplinary team of allied health professionals and fitness partners, delivering the best health-related outcomes for our mutual clients.

We all have the desire to move safely, maintain our independence, no matter what our age


Fitness Embassy has a lifetime value commitment to its community in helping our clients achieve their health-related goals, no matter what your age. Luke age 7 through to Lina age 89 are examples in how our health care services enable clients navigate through life knowing that we listen and support their goals, along with their families.
Our weekly sessions are designed to deliver safe and positive home-care movement programs so that our clients can maintain their independence. We assess the home regularly environment for unforeseen risks in the prevention of falls, as well as educate clients how to sit and stand, go to the bathroom, and sleep with effective movement strategies. Our Fitness Partners become the link between our clients and their family members and/or support service organisations – often providing updates, recommendations and feedback that they are sometimes not confident enough to provide themselves.

Our Services Include

  • Health and postural assessments
  • Safe home model and injury prevention
  • Personal rehabilitation and weekly exercise sessions
  • Maintain functional capacity and self-confidence
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Liaison with family members and support service organisations
  • Identify any changes in unhealthy behaviour or risks
  • Referral to medical and mobility services

Aged Care Health Sessions

By Appointment Only

Eric Said

Movement Specialist & Wellness Ambassador


Hailee Simiana

Fitness Partner


Jeffery Yuen



Janine Cameron

Facilitation Manager